Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bringing you up to date

So the first thing we had to do was a new steering rack.
The original was complete shot, it was a miracle to be able to keep the car on the road.

Next came a new set of plugs, a cap and rotor.
I'm am pretty sure I pulled the original plugs out of the motor.
These plugs should gap at .0054, the plugs that came out were so worn the gapped at over .0075. It is a miracle that it even ran like that. What a difference a minor tune up made, it was like breathing new life into that engine. It seems like there's a demon living under the hood after all! The really good news is that the old plugs could not look better, no oil, no over heating or detonating. The old plugs made me very happy to see them in good shape.

Amazing what a difference a fuel filter with 16 years worth of fuel run through it can make. The car really seemed to hesitate and struggle at wide open throttle. Changing the fuel filter cured that instantly. If the previous owner drove this car after these few small tune up items, they would think I rebuilt the engine, what a difference! It runs like a mustang now! Just need to get rid of these horid 2.73 rear gears. :)

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