Monday, June 9, 2008


No not the sub your thinking of. Although the stock speakers do need help pretty bad. I finally got the subframe connectors welded in and finished up last night. I welded in torque box reinforcement plates and a set of subframe connectors. What an unbelievable difference in the attitude of the car. Even needing the worn out struts and shocks replaced the handling of the car is on par with the current model gt. I recently took an 08 California Special GT 5 speed down a local twisty road (rogue river drive) and then took my car down the same run last night. I was able to keep the same if not better speeds through the turns. The worn struts played a significant role in the extra little hop the got the front end loose in one corner, but everything else was pretty impressive. I really couldn't be happier with the results, the feels better, the steering is tighter and more precise, and the car even feels like it is putting power down better (placebo effect, maybe; do I care, no!). So far this has been the single best improvement done to the car. I very well spent $80 bucks. The best part is that I didn't even blow the car up. Kelsey was pretty concerned I was gonna blow it all up, when she found me with a wet wash cloth wrapped around the fuel lines, laying down a big fat bead of molten steel about a half inch from them!! :) By the way, the undercoating on this car really has no problem igniting and burning, I can't tell you how many fires I smothered with my welding gloves! All is well that ends well, and this chapter ended pretty damn well. Now we just need to replace the stuts and shocks, lower the car, replace the h pipe and headers and......... boy this is addicting!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is This Your Car Ma'am?

Kelsey just called and relayed a funny story. She has the Mustang today and went over to Wal-Mart in Eagle Point. She parked out away from most of the other cars and when she came out of the store there was an Eagle Point police car parked behind the mustang and the officer was out of his car looking at the mustang. Kelsey quickly ran through her head the possibilities of having cut off someone, or blasting through eagle point. As she approached the officer said "is this your car ma'am?" She said yes and he said "wow it is really nice!!!" Kinda funny, she thought she was in trouble and he just wanted to check out the car. I'll take it as a compliment, makes me wonder what she's doing in my car though.......................